Kids and Adult Classes are in session

  • TRX (coming soon)
  • Barre 
  • Piloxing 
  • Kids Submission Wrestling
  • Kids Boxing
  • Kids Kickboxing
  • Kids Crossfit
  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts 

Our kids 6-13 year old classes are 90 minutes long and for only $50 or $25 for one discipline month with no contract. Adults are $10 per class.

Call, text or stop by and contact Angelo at (760) 207-5330 for kids and Krista at (760) 212-2295 for adults classes. 

Power and Grace Fitness Studio Fallbrook, CA.
 with Angelo and Krista

Adult Fitness and Kids MMA at (760) 212-2295 Krista or (760) 207-5330 for Angelo email


Calling DIYers

The Barre Fusion class is a fun, energetic workout that fuses techniques from the world of ballet, pilates and fitness. Barre Fusion combines strength, balance and flexibility to tone and define the entire body. Chisel, shape and tone all while having a blast.


Make it a group thing

Piloxing class is a program that uniquely blends the power, speed, agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. The techniques are supplemented by using weighted gloves for toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular fitness. The exhilarating dance moves can provide results of a muscle-toning workout thai is guaranteed to leave you feeling physically and mentally empowered.

Kids Submission Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing 

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun

Submission Wrestling also known as submission grappling, or NoGi, is a formula of competition and general term describing the aspect of martial arts and combat sports that focus on clinch and ground fighting with the goal of obtaining a submission using submission holds.

Kickboxing is considered a hybrid martial art formed from various traditional styles. This approach became increasingly popular and contributed to the emergence of mixed martial arts.

Boxing is a combat sport in which kids engage in contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will by throwing punches wit gloved hands against each other.

Kids Mixed Martial Arts and Crossfit

Calling DIYers

The Kids MMA and Pankration is a full contact sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports.

Kids Crossfit ia a strength and conditioning program wit the aim of improving muscular strength, cardio respiratory endurance, and flexibility. It supports a continuously changing of mix aerobic exercises.

Only $50 a month for kids unlimited classes 

Kids Training, Barre and Piloxing classes now in session!

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